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From Principal Armstrong: Reporting Student Behavior Concerns & Discipline

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At MMS we commit to upholding the Maywood Way: We focus on being Safe, Kind, Respectful, and our Best Selves.  If there is inappropriate behavior at school, we ask that students, staff, parents and caregivers report it as soon as possible so that administration take the necessary steps to ensure a safe and positive school environment for everyone. You can call the main office (425-837-6900) to set up a time to have a conversation or email Principal Erin Armstrong at or Assistant Principal John Gardiner at

We encourage families to have discussions at home with their students regarding the MMS school expectation that if you “See Something, Say Something”.  We encourage students to strive to be upstanders rather than bystanders. Any student can make a difference by reporting to a trusted adult including but not limited to teachers, coaches, counselors and administration at school if they see something concerning. Parents can email, call or meet in person. Contact information can be found in our staff directory. We always keep the names of people reporting confidential.

Additionally, families are welcome to visit the ISD website with more information about how to report a safety concern. Please know that anonymous reports are usually difficult to follow up on, but it is an option for reporting.

As a school we take immediate action when there may be a violation of student conduct as described in the MMS Student Handbook.  We follow state laws, and ISD Regulation 3241 Classroom Management, Discipline and Corrective Action (click here) as well as the related ISD Procedure 3241P. Families with questions are encouraged to consult these policies and procedures or contact administration directly.

We know middle schoolers make mistakes and school staff work to pair discipline along with re-education to prevent further incidents from occurring. The interventions and discipline response are guided by the specific incident, two-way dialogue with parents and caregivers, and in accordance with state law and district policy.

If a concern occurs on a school bus, we ask that it is reported to the transportation department (you can call 425-837-6330 or email ).  If a concern occurs outside of school, during evenings and/or weekends we encourage parents to contact local police. If the concern is related to school or is impacting your child’s school experience we ask that you also report to school administration. The more we know, the more we can support!

Thank you for your partnership in supporting a safe and positive school experience for your student and our school community! 

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