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Maywood Communications for Unexpected Events

General Announcement

We are very fortunate to have multiple ways of notifying our families when unexpected events occur. Yesterday we had to cancel after-school outdoor activities due to poor air quality, so we sent an emergency Bulletin, sent messages through FinalForms to Sports families, posted a notice on our website, and sent a robocall to our families. 

When you receive a call from school during the school day, we ask that you please check to see if there's a robocall voicemail before calling. We understand the urge to call before checking, but rest assured that if a specific child is having an emergency, we will continue trying until we reach someone. Whenever possible, we'll limit robocalls to after-school hours. If there is an emergency such as a lockdown, our priority is securing the building and caring for students, so the office staff may not be able to answer parent phone calls.

We will likely replace most robocalls with text alerts. You should have received an "opt in" text last Friday to enroll in text notifications for school emergency notifications.

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