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First Week Assembly Welcomes New Students and Staff

New Teachers introduce themselves (pictured Megan Guerrero, Nikki McGrath, Mary Walker, Darcy Gleisberg out of view, Kevin Su

Friday, September 1, our new Maywood ASB Leadership team hosted an assembly to welcome sixth graders, students new to Maywood, and new staff members. New Principal Erin Armstrong introduced herself to Chargers old and new. New staff were invited to play a superscale version of Heads or Tails with full audience participation and then selected students and teachers played a very competitive round of musical chairs.

“Thank you to our leadership students for organizing an amazing spirit assembly – they came up with fun games and activities that had everyone engaged!  This was a wonderful way to end the first week of school,” said Principal Armstrong of the festivities.

3 & 4 Sixth graders put their hands on their heads or hips to choose which way the giant coin will fall.
Nikki McGrath spins the giant Charger coin while the crowd guess heads or tails
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