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Sculpture Students Let Their Art Go to Their Heads

Students pose for a photo with their 3-D sculptures.

Art teacher Samantha Veraya's sixth period sculpture students researched artists they were interested in, then created giant cardboard and papier-mâché sculptures of their heads. The class favorites were of Bob Ross and Salvador Dali, the master of the dramatic mustache. Other students used the opportunity to learn more about contemporary artists like Star Wallowing Bull, Chris Johnson and Audrey Kawaksaki. 

Period-specific hats and hairstyles proved a challenge for students who create giant versions of French painters, Vigee Le Brun and Henri De Talouse-LaTrec. 

"The greatest success of the project was how the students helped each other problem solve structural issues in their cardboard armatures, and how they worked together to make the heads look more like their chosen artists with constructive critique," shared Samantha Veraya.