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Additional handbook guidelines specific to Maywood Middle School, created to supplement district regulations, can be found on the Maywood Middle School Supplemental Guidelines handbook page.

Academic Progress

Course grades are updated regularly on Canvas and Family Access for each course taken. Please log in to Canvas and the Family Access system to view attendance and academic progress for your student. For questions on logging in to Canvas or Family Access, please ask the school registrar.


Homework, as an extension of the classroom, must be planned and organized; must be purposeful to the students; and must be evaluated and returned to students in a timely manner. The purposes of homework assignments, the basis for evaluating the work performed and the guidelines and/or rules should be made clear to the student at the time of the assignment. Students should talk to their classroom teachers with any questions about assignments or grades for a course. A complete copy of Regulation 2422 and related Regulations and Procedures are available on the District’s website


All library information including rules and regulations can be found on the school website

Make Up Work

Assignments and/or activities not completed because of an excused absence or tardiness may be made up in the manner provided by the teacher. A student is allowed one make up day for each day of absence. Failure to punctually complete missed assignments will result in the loss of credit for those assignments. Students should note that not all types of work can be made up (guest speakers, graded class discussions, etc.). Should this type of work occur on a date when a student has an excused absence, the assignment may be excused and not counted in the student’s grade OR an alternative assignment may be provided per the teacher’s decision.

Special Services

Each District school has a Guidance Team to address concerns regarding student performance. Parents may contact their school guidance counselor for more information about this process. If a student is suspected of having a disability, the Guidance Team may refer the student for special education or a Section 504 assessment. The school psychologist assigned to the school will coordinate the special education process. A copy of the special education notice of procedural safeguards is available on the ISD's Special Education webpage.