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Maywood Supplemental Guidelines

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Academic Progress

Course grades are updated regularly on Canvas and Family Access for each course taken. Please log in to Canvas and the Family Access system to view attendance and academic progress for your student. For questions on logging in to Canvas or Family Access, please ask the school registrar.

Arrival and Departure

When bringing students to school or picking them up by personal vehicle, parents are requested to model common driving courtesy and carefully observe traffic safety rules. This includes watching carefully for students walking or riding bicycles, observing all directions of school crossing guard personnel, leaving crosswalk areas clear, entering only through marked entries and exiting through marked exit areas. It is important that we work together to keep our students safe.

Bicycles: Students who ride bicycles to school must walk their bicycles while on campus and park them in the designated areas of the school. Students are responsible for the security of their bicycles, and chains and locks are required to secure bikes to the rack. Please be reminded that King County law requires students to wear helmets when riding bicycles.

Bus Passes: Students are to ride their assigned buses to and from school. If a student needs to ride a different bus a bus pass is issued to the student by office personnel. Passes are not issued for buses that are full. The student must bring a note to the office before school or no later than student’s lunch time. 

  1. The note should include the nature of or reason for the request,
  2. The requested bus route number,
  3. And a parent/guardian signature, date, and daytime phone number.

The office will issue a bus pass, which the student will pick up after school and must give to the bus driver. Bus drivers will accept only bus passes which have been processed through the office. After school activity bus passes are provided to students who have been in a Maywood supervised activity only.

Skateboards, Scooters, and In-Line Skates: Students arriving on campus at the start of the school day and leaving the campus at the end of the school day may only use them as transportation. Once on campus, students must remove/carry the equipment. When students are permitted to enter school and go to their lockers in the morning, they must take the equipment directly to their assigned locker for storage for the school day. We recommend students wear protective gear while riding scooters and skateboards.

Walking: Students who walk to MMS must use the crosswalks and sidewalks where available. Students walking through neighborhoods must abide by rules governing students entering or leaving the property (using guarded crosswalks, walking bicycles on school property, no roller-blades/skateboards on campus, etc.). 

ASB Membership

An Associated Student Body (ASB) membership is available to all students at a cost of $35.00. The money received from the sale of ASB memberships helps support school activities such as sports, clubs, assemblies and school wide activities. ASB membership is required to participate in after school activities; this includes sports, clubs and ASB sponsored events. Membership sales also pay for transportation, after school sports equipment, uniforms, awards and officials. ASB cards are required at the door when attending ASB sponsored events. Replacement cards may be purchased for $5.00 from the bookkeeper.

Assembly Behavior

Assemblies are an integral part of the school curriculum and have an educational value, therefore, attendance at assemblies is required. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a way that demonstrates respect for those speaking or performing as well as those in attendance. Students who misbehave at assemblies may be removed from the assembly by an administrator and subject to discipline.

Birthdays and Other Celebrations

Due to distractions to the learning environment, balloons are not allowed at school. Parents and students are discouraged from bringing any birthday gifts, party foods, flowers, treats, etc. to MMS as this creates additional disruptions to regular school operation. Deliveries will be stored in the main office until the end of the day for students to pick up.


Students are to be seated while eating their lunch in the cafeteria or at an outside table.

  • Students are to walk to and from the cafeteria, courtyard & library.
  • Lockers are not accessible during lunches.
  • Cutting in the lunch lines is not acceptable.
  • All food and drinks are to be consumed in the cafeteria or in designated outside eating spaces.
  • Students will use appropriate table manners and be responsible for disposing of their trash.
  • Forgotten lunches may be brought to the office and students can pick them up on their way to lunch.

The cafeteria has separate recycling, compost and garbage bins for student use. Students are responsible for cleaning up their eating space and placing their recycling, compost, and waste in the correct bins. Lunch trays are to be placed in the designated area for cleaning. If a student throws away a non-disposable lunch tray they will be responsible for replacing the tray.

Charger Time

Charger Time is listed as period 7 on student schedules. It occurs four times a week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday before or after a student’s lunchtime depending on grade level. Charger Time is a time for important activities that include reading, social emotional lessons, student surveys, retakes/redos and school-wide WEB/ASB lessons.

The expectations for this Charger Time are:

  1. Be Safe: Be where you are supposed to be & always have a pass
  2. Be Kind: Engage in lessons in a polite and thoughtful way
  3. Be Respectful: Read quietly so others may also read
  4. Be Your Best: Arrive to Charger Time prepared with a book

Students are always expected to bring a book and read for the duration of Charger Time. A common school-wide syllabus is available from the school website.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  • Second Step Lessons
  • Student Surveys
  • Silent Reading
  • Retakes/Redos
  • Silent Reading
  • Retakes/Redos
  • Silent Reading
  • ASB or WEB Lessons
  • Elective Pull Outs
  • Silent Reading


Counseling Program

Information regarding the MMS Counseling program can be found on the Counseling website. Maywood Middle School has two counselors and their caseloads are divided up by alphabet (first letter of last name). Contact information is as follow:


Phone Number


Serving Students Last Names

Kristin Beasley



Tiffany Adler


L - Z

Equitable Conduct Expectations 

The Issaquah School District values equity, diversity and inclusion. The District is committed to building and sustaining a welcoming school community. Our District and community are made up of people of different backgrounds, needs and perspectives. Our learning community includes people of varying races, ethnic backgrounds, abilities/disabilities, religions, ages, languages, socioeconomic status, immigration status, sexual orientation, gender expressions or identities.

Student expectations include:

  • Respect each individual, even if that person’s identity is different from your own.
  • Seek to understand your impact on others while seeking to understand other’s intent.
  • Communicate respectfully with others in person, on social media and in any other form.
  • Use what you are learning to use good judgment and make ethical and informed decisions.
  • Take responsibility for your words and actions.

We all have a responsibility to report behavior that interferes with having an equitable and inclusive learning environment that honors and respects people of all identities. If you become aware of any actions that violate the expectations above, we encourage you to speak up through one or more of the following ways:

  • Tell a teacher, staff member or other trusted adult immediately.
  • If you are comfortable and safe doing so, speak up in the moment to encourage more equitable and inclusive talk or action, and/or support those being hurt.
  • Report it anonymously via the district's safety concern webpage. Be sure to include details such as names of people, time, location and building.

Events/Athletics Attendance

Students who do not attend school for at least 4 periods during the school day of an event may not participate in school events. These events shall include, but are not limited to: school plays, musicals, concerts, all sports activities including practices. School administrators may grant special permission for medical/dental appointments or certain emergency absences.

Students at MMS are expected to be respectful while attending as an audience member or fan any extracurricular activity or school-sponsored event. Maywood’s expectations are as follows:

  1. Students attend afterschool/extracurricular events with an adult,
  2. Students remain seated during the event, except during breaks.
  3. Food or drinks are not allowed in the gyms with the exception of bottled water with caps.

Students who participate in an after-school or evening athletic event or activity must remain until the end of the activity unless parents have made previous arrangements with the adult or coach in charge. Students must be picked up promptly after the end of the activity but no later than within twenty (20) minutes after the close of a school-sponsored event.

Family/Student Skyward Access

Skyward Family and Student Access gives parents and students on-line access to student information, including test scores, attendance, class schedules, and immunization records. Parents can verify on-line that the emergency contact information on each student is correct. Directions to retrieve or set up your Family Access log in/password can be found on the district website.


Some common fees and expenses are listed below. It is important that you keep all receipts when you pay fees. Refunds are subject to administrative discretion and approval.

  • Field Trips - Fee varies and typically covers activity and transportation.
  • Student Planner (optional) - $5.00
  • Pictures (colored) Pictures (color) - Price varies and is prepaid to the photographer on picture day.
  • Sports and Clubs - $35.00 ASB Membership Required
  • P.E. Uniform  - $15.00 ($8 shirt, $7 shorts)
  • Sports Fee - $50.00/ or Jamboree $20.00 per season
  • Electives Fee Fees, if applicable, will range from $5.00 – $15.00
  • Yearbook - $30.00
  • Private School Application Fee - $2.00*
    *There is a $2.00 charge per application to cover the cost of processing any private school applications.


School fines are issued when a student fails to pay a class fee in the first three weeks of the trimester and/or when a student damages or fails to return any property of the school including, but not limited to, textbooks, items checked out from the library, athletic uniforms, rental instruments, technology support items, etc. All fines are due by the end of the trimester in which they are issued. Once the trimester passes, even if the item is found and submitted, the fine is still due and payable because the school will have purchased a replacement item in order to maintain the inventory for student use. You are encouraged to pay your fees & fines online. You can access the “Pay Online” button from the School home page using the same user name as Family Access. The password is the last name of your student.

Field Trips

Students in good standing are eligible for field trips. All school rules and expectations apply while students are on field trips. Students are advised to request homework assignments two days prior to the field trip and are expected to complete and turn in homework as assigned. Permission slips and fees must be submitted prior to the deadlines or student may not be able to participate in the scheduled field trip.


Eating and drinking is permitted in the cafeteria only.  Students are not to take food or colored drinks in the classrooms or hallway. However, clear water is permitted in the classrooms.

Further Information Regarding Electronics at Maywood 

It is discouraged for students to bring electronic devices to school,(other than the laptop for classroom use) and those who bring them to school do so at their own risk. Students may not use personal cell/smartphones/I-pods, Bluetooth devices, speakers, cameras or video devices while on campus. Special circumstances must be arranged through the counseling office or with administration.

For safety purposes, students may have their cell phones on their person while at school; however, the phones are to be “Off and Away” - turned off and not used unless the school is in an emergency situation. Phones are provided on campus for students who wish to make phone calls during non-class time for contacting parents. Students and families are expected to plan carefully for the school day and communicate schedules with parents before school. Students are allowed to have electronic devices at school with permission of the classroom teacher to be used exclusively for educational purposes such as a Kindle, Nook, or audio books from the MMS Library. These devices must not cause a disruption to the learning environment. Maywood is not liable for any loss or damage to personal technology items.

If these items are out and used during the school day, they may be confiscated by staff, given to an administrator, and the student may retrieve them after school. If a student is found to be in a second violation, the student’s parent will be asked to come to school to retrieve the item. Three or more violations are considered repeated misconduct and students may face further disciplinary consequences.

Grades and/or Credits

Since daily attendance and active participation in class are critical parts of the learning process, failure to attend class may result in loss of credit and impact the student’s grade.

Additional information regarding excused and unexcused absences is provided in District Regulation 3122 and Procedure 3122P.


Students are not allowed to chew gum while on campus. This includes before school, during school and while at after school activities. Students who are found to be chewing gum will be asked to dispose of it and may face disciplinary consequences for non-compliance or repeated misconduct.

Halls/Hall Passes

During passing time students are expected to make their way to their next class. Students are allowed to access their lockers or use the restroom during specific passing times. Passing time is not intended as a socializing time and congregating in the hall is not permitted. Students must walk while in the halls. If students are in the halls during class time they need to have a pass from a teacher or office staff member. The academic halls are not open during lunches. Teacher Assistants (TAs) and students in elective classes that require work outside of the classroom must carry a badge while outside the classroom to indicate their role. Students may not access their lockers during lunches unless issued a pass from the office.

Health/Emergency Information

Safety is our first priority and we regularly update our emergency plans and our staff members receive annual training to ensure we know how to respond in the event of a crisis situation. The plan is in place to first and foremost prevent a crisis, but also to prepare, respond and recover from one should it occur. We are required by law to practice one lock down drill, multiple fire drills and one earthquake drill each year. During these drills and throughout the year, students play an important role in maintaining the safety and security in their school. A student’s role includes:

  • Being serious about safety, both during instructional time and during drills
  • Participating in drills and following the drill expectations
  • Reporting any potential dangers or threats they observe (see something = say something)
  • Sharing feelings of distress, worry and anxiety with an adult at home or at school

In the event of a crisis that occurs on a school campus, the district website will be the main information source for parents regarding school updates. The district will also be in close contact with law enforcement and the media to help deliver important school information including the parent student reunion station should a school crisis take place. When picking up a student at the Parent/Student Reunion station, please bring your picture ID. Since we will be releasing over 1100 students, the process will be lengthy, and we appreciate your patience as we reunite students and parents in the safest and most secure way possible. Parents also have an important role to play in promoting safety and security in our schools that includes:

  • Discussing at home what your child is learning about safety and security.
  • Using the best safety practices at home to encourage lifelong safe behavior.
  • Always checking in at the school office and wearing proper identification.
  • Recognizing and following the rules of the school.
  • Signing your child out through the office if you are taking him/her out early.
  • Communicating with teachers and/or the school office regarding changes in your student’s schedule.
  • Completing and updating emergency forms so that the school always has a current address, phone numbers, and emergency contact.

Home-School Communication 

It is the goal of our staff to maintain effective and positive communication between school personnel, students and parents/guardians. Being well informed and in contact with one another is an important way to support students. The Maywood Weekly Bulletin is e-mailed home to MMS families. Please sign up for the Weekly Bulletin. Parents and students are encouraged to read the Weekly Bulletin and make note of important information, dates and upcoming events. 

The MMS website is a good source of information for progress reports, concerts, report cards, athletics, and various school activities. The MMS staff is well connected by technology. Parents and students are encouraged to keep up with course work, share ideas, and address concerns by using technologies such as e-mail, Canvas, Family Access, teacher websites and voicemail. Teachers have telephones in their classrooms; please try to call before or after school and during teacher planning periods.

Families are encouraged to keep the emergency information current and up-to-date. The school should be notified immediately of any address, phone number or email changes during the school year.

Illness or Injury

A student who becomes ill or who is injured at school should report to his/her classroom teacher or to the office. If illness/injury is serious enough, parents will be notified to take the student home or to a doctor; otherwise, the student will return to class. Student with fevers are not eligible to return to school with medication. Students must be fever free (below 100.0) and symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school. In some cases, and according to the Department of Health guidance the requirement may be for students to be fever free (below 100.0) and symptom free for 72 hours before returning to school. Every accident on the school grounds, in the building, at practice sessions or at any athletic event sponsored by the school must be reported immediately to the person in charge. During school, report at once to a teacher or to the office. A staff member will call parent/guardian when necessary. Only parent or emergency contact people may pick up an ill or injured student.


All Issaquah School District students must comply with immunization standards. On or before the first day of attendance, each student is required by state law to have a signed “Certificate of Immunization” on file at school. Immunization requirements are posted on the ISD website.

Medication Administration at School

An “Administration of Oral Medication at School” form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian and physician for all medications, prescribed and over-the-counter medication. 

  • All medications must be kept in the health room.
  • For prescription medication, both, the parent/legal guardian and a licensed physician or dentist must complete the form with specific instructions for administration.
  • With the exception of inhalers, students are not allowed to carry their medication.
  • All medication must be in the original container labeled with the student’s name, name of medication, dosage, mode of administration, and name of physician.

Students needing Epi-pens for severe allergic reactions need to have up to date forms and Epi-pens on the first day of school. Likewise, students who use inhalers will need to have them available at school with proper authorization by the first day of class.

Children with life-threatening conditions such as severe bee sting or food allergies, severe asthma, diabetes or severe seizures, are now required to have a medication or treatment order and nursing plan in place before they start school. They will be excluded from school if the information is not filed by the first day of school. If your child has an existing medical issue requiring a care plan and medication, forms were mailed to you the end of the previous school year to be done by you and the doctor over the summer. The medication or treatment order must be from the student’s licensed health care provider. This is defined (RCW 18.79.260(2)) as a licensed physician and surgeon, dentist, osteopathic physician and surgeon, naturopathic physician, podiatric physician and surgeon, physician assistant, osteopathic physician assistant or advanced registered nurse practitioner acting within the scope of his or her license. Our school nurse, Nina O’Brien, is available on a part-time basis. She may be contacted by voice mail at 425-837-6905 or email at

Positive Behavior and Social Emotional Support (PBSES) 

ISD has implemented PBSES in schools and the vision is to promote respect, positive relationships, and predictable, proactive learning environments so that students can lead socially and emotionally safe and healthy lives. 

At Maywood we work to create a supportive school environment where students form positive relationships with one another and staff, expectations are clear and students are regularly celebrated for their achievements—both academic and otherwise. Our Maywood Way Matrix is a useful resource for students, staff and families to understand and teach the behavior expectations. It helps guide students’ behavior in all school environments. Posters are displayed in classrooms, hallways, the cafeteria, and all other common areas to ensure that students have access to information guiding each student to Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Respectful and Be Your Best. This Matrix is found below:

The Maywood Way

  Be Safe Be Kind Be Respectful Be Your Best
Arrival/ Departure
  • Walk bikes on campus. 
  • Follow directions of crossing guard. 
  • Walk to/from bus. 
  • Use crosswalks and sidewalks. 
  • Go directly to bus, pick-up, or after school activity. 
  • Wait your turn to board/exit bus. 
  • Hold door for others. 
  • Thank the person who brought you to school. 
  • Greet peers and talk positively with them.
  • Wait your turn to access locker. 
  • Wait in designated areas until the bell rings. 
  • Move efficiently to keep hallways open. 
  • Stay to the right. 
  • Be aware of those around you. 
  • Keep a calm voice and body.
  • Remember all supplies needed for your classes. 
  • Be prompt and go directly to class after locker. 
  • Bring all materials home at the end of the day needed for homework completion.
Hallways/ Stairs
  • Walk in the hall. 
  • Stay to the right. 
  • Keep hands, feet, and body to yourself. 
  • Keep moving in an orderly fashion.
  • Use appropriate, kind language. 
  • Hold door for others. 
  • Wait your turn to access locker.
  • Speak in an “indoor” voice. 
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated. 
  • Be mindful of other classes.
  • Pick up trash and keep Maywood clean.
  • Stop to help others.
  • Hold doors open. 
  • Move promptly to next class.
Bathrooms/ Locker Rooms
  • Walk safely. 
  • Use facilities properly. 
  • Report vandalism & other problems to an adult. 
  • Wait in line. 
  • Keep your conversation kind.
  • Keep bathroom/locker room clean. 
  • Remember the One Paper Towel Challenge. 
  • Respect others’ privacy. 
  • Respect others’ belongings. 
  • Flush, wash, & dispose of trash properly.
  • Promptly return to class. 
  • Pick up after yourself. 
  • Walk. 
  • Keep space clean. 
  • Food stays on plate. 
  • Wait your turn.
  • Use appropriate, kind language. 
  • Get to know new people. 
  • Invite others to sit with you. 
  • Speak to others as you’d want to be spoken to. 
  • Appreciate all foods. 
  • Use good table manners. 
  • If you see something, say something. 
  • Be a leader at your table and encourage listening & positive behavior. 
  • Take only what you can eat.
  • Include others. 
  • Visit quietly. 
  • Sit in new spaces. 
  • Recycle and compost; strive for zero waste.
  • Walk safely. 
  • During lunch, eat and drink at tables. 
  • Keep space clean. 
  • Keep hands and feet to self. 
  • Use appropriate, kind language. 
  • Get to know new people. 
  • Invite others to sit with you. 
  • Speak to others as you’d want to be spoken to.
  • Follow staff requests.
  • During lunch, stay in courtyard until halftime
  • Stay on concrete and away from windows. 
  • If you see something, say something. 
  • Include others. 
  • Visit quietly. 
  • Sit in new spaces. 
  • Recycle and compost; strive for zero waste. 
  • Walk. 
  • Push in your chair. 
  • Use computers appropriately. 
  • Keep chairs from tipping. 
  • Clean up after yourself. 
  • Keep food and drink in cafeteria or outside eating spaces.
  • Use soft voice. 
  • Put materials back where you found them. 
  • Keep hands and feet to self.
  • Be thoughtful of others. 
  • Be a problem solver. 
  • Return library materials on-time. 
  • Sit in assigned seat. 
  • Keep materials out of aisles. 
  • Keep track of personal belongings. 
  • Push in chair before leaving. 
  • Respect personal space. 
  • Use appropriate, kind language. 
  • Straighten room up for next student. 
  • Speak in an “indoor” voice. 
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated. 
  • Use technology only for educational purposes.
  • Participate with a positive attitude. 
  • Complete all work. 
  • Take advantage of the learning experience. 
  • Keep hands and feet to self. 
  • Use stairs for entry and exit (bleachers). 
  • Sit with teacher. 
  • Remain seated until dismissed by rows. 
  • Listen and participate. 
  • Recognize and include all.
  • Devices are “Off and Away”. 
  • Formal vs. informal assembly behavior 
  • Patience during transitions 
  • Quiet when speaker is at mic 
  • Quiet feet on bleachers 
  • Respond appropriately… 
  • clap, cheer, laugh.
  • Make good choices regarding whom to sit near. 
  • Remember that your choices impact your ability to Be Your Best! 
Emergency Drills
  • Walk to and from field. 
  • Stay on the paths and sidewalks. 
  • Remain calm. 
  • Move quickly to designated spot.
  • Quiet & in line at 3 whistle signal 
  • Use main entry doors to return to class.
  • Help others find their lines. 
  • Help teacher with signs and bags. 
  • Use positive language. 
  • Be quiet. 
  • Listen to and follow instructions.
  • Return directly to class at 2 whistle signal. 
  • Remain calm & quiet. 
  • Help others. 
  • Follow directions
Field Trips
  • Stay with assigned chaperone. 
  • Bring only the items allowed. 
  • Be aware of surroundings - “stranger danger.” 
  • Follow directions.
  • Listen and watch with a positive attitude. 
  • Show gratitude to venue host and chaperones. 
  • Leave area in better shape than when you arrived (trash, etc.).
  • Honor personal boundaries. 
  • Use respectful language. 
  • Use inside voices and take turns. 
  • Treat others better than you would like to be treated. 
  • Be a positive representative of Maywood. 
  • Keep track of personal belongings. 
  • Take advantage of the unique learning experience.